Talent Idea

Talent Idea

People First, Benefiting People and Benefiting Ent

Talent Selection View

Both virtue and talent, both internal and external; Appointment of talents and fair competition.

View of Educating Talents

According to the needs of the company's strategic development, the staff should be trained in a planned way to improve their overall quality.

View of Talent Utilization

Employment is reasonable and authorized without doubt. People do their best and do not ask for blame.

The View of Retaining Talents

Expanding the development space of employees, safeguarding and improving their economic interests; mainly using treatment, career and emotional retention.

People First, Benefiting People and Benefiting Enterprises
Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information


Five warehouse administrators (five insurance and one gold, covered)

Salary Negotiation

Job responsibilities:
1、Responsible for the acceptance, storage, code placement, storage, inventory and reconciliation of daily warehouse materials;
2、Responsible for the selection, review and delivery of daily warehouse materials;
3、Responsible for keeping goods and environment clean, tidy and hygienic in warehouse;
4、Responsible for the storage and archiving of relevant documents;
5、Statistics, Archiving, Accounting and System Data Input of Warehouse Data;
6、Other matters assigned by the Department head.
1、Familiar with warehouse inbound and outbound operation process, with material storage expertise and skills;
2、Familiarity with computer office software operation is preferred;
3、Positive and hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, with the spirit of cooperation and innovation.

Safety Manager/Safety Manager 10

5000-7000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:
1、Supervise, inspect and guide the safety of workshop work site, and record the safety inspection;
2、Conduct safety education and punishment for groups and individuals who do not conform to safety standards, and promptly order rectification;
3、Correctly fill in the safety production report of the inspection of safety measures on the production site of the workshop, and regularly put forward opinions on the analysis report of the safety production situation;
4、Organization of safety inspection, safety education, safety activities and training and assessment of special operators;
5、Handle general safety incidents.
1、Secondary school, senior high school or above
2、Certificate of security officer qualification is preferred;
3、Familiar with national safety laws and regulations, familiar with production site safety workflow, safety operation norms and safety management procedures, can timely identify potential safety hazards and give corrections;
4、Familiar with production process, safety protection, fire protection, power supply and other related safety regulations, standards and daily safety management, with a high sense of responsibility;
5、Has a certain coordination, organization and communication skills, has a certain language expression ability.

Domestic business contacts:
Service hotline:400-689-7689 Contact address:Pingdu Nan Cun Industrial Park
Foreign business contacts:

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