Teach you how to solve the problem of conveyor belt trench edge

Issuing time:2019-09-05 16:21

  In the era of fast-paced life, many production enterprises are pipeline operations. At this time, conveyor belts will be used. Conveyor belts are loved by enterprise users because of their large conveyor capacity, light weight, strong conveying capacity, simple structure and easy maintenance. But the conveyor belt runs at high speed every day, which inevitably causes some faults, such as side ditch problems. Then, how to solve the problem of the side ditch on the conveyor belt? Let's learn about the conveyor belt together.

  When the problem of side ditch of conveyor belt occurs, we should find out the reason fundamentally. There are two main reasons for this problem: one is the formula; the other is the technology.


  First of all, formula: it refers to the formula of side glue, which has poor fluidity and can't be co vulcanized with gluing and covering glue; second of all, process; it refers to the molding process of conveyor belt blank, the side of belt blank is not neat, the upper side glue process is not done as required, and there is a gap between side glue and belt blank, resulting in the above problems.

  Then is the vulcanization process: if there are no problems in the above two aspects, in the vulcanization process, the width of the groove and the compression ratio (well-known and can be used) are not suitable for the occurrence of edge ditch and edge rubber void phenomenon.

  The problem of side ditch of conveyor belt is mainly about side glue. 1. Side glue is not good, and the compression ratio is too small, resulting in material shortage. 2. Silicone oil infiltrates into the separation interface when the side gum is not good. Do not panic when the side ditch of conveyor belt breaks down. Check the cause. At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to regular maintenance, so as to early detection, early maintenance, reduce the probability of failure, reduce the number of overhauls of equipment, improve production efficiency.

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