The installation process of conveyor belt is like this!

Issuing time:2019-09-05 16:30

1、Put a flexible rotating shaft on the core of the conveyor belt coiling, and frame the belt coiling well. Pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower cover glue before mounting.

2、Conveyor belts can be rolled away in workplaces where they are not suitable for shelving. Conveyor belts at folding places can have sufficient radius of curvature to prevent damage to conveyor belts. Heavy objects are forbidden to be placed on conveyor belts at folding places.

3、If the conveyor belt is replaced, the new belt can be connected with the old belt, and the unloading and installation of the new belt can be carried out simultaneously.


4、For the conveyor running horizontally, the old conveyor can be cut off at any point. For the conveyor running in inclined direction, the cut-off point should be selected to prevent the loss of control caused by self-weight.

5、After positioning the new belt on the conveyor, fix one end of the belt with fixture, then connect the rope of the belt wheel around the roll. The conveyor belt is balanced by the traction device to the conveyor. When pulling, the conveyor belt and the frame should be prevented from extruding each other.

6、One end of the conveyor belt is fixed on the conveyor frame with a fixture, and the other end is tightened by a pulley until the conveyor belt does not drop significantly on the return idler.

7、Fix the tension device away from the starting point 100~150mm.

8、Conveyor belts should be manufactured by regular manufacturers. We provide door-to-door installation and after-sales service in Shenqiao.

The above is the conveyor belt manufacturer Shenqiao introduced to you about the correct installation process of the conveyor belt, I believe that from the promotion of customers will learn.

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